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Fash-Lanthropy: Totes For A Cause

February 21, 2011

Shopping is good, but making a purchase for a cause is even better.  How so?  Because, not only do you make a difference by adding new pieces to your wardrobe, but you make a difference in someone else’s life., too.

As you know, London a leading global city bustling with arts and culture..but also style.  So, in honor of fashion week in London, I not only want to pay homage a major designer who reigns supreme in the UK (and the U.S.), but, also want to shine light on the current charitable cause that’s the bag.



The Africa Heart Gaia Shopper; Vivienne Westwood; $180.00



Designer Vivienne Westwood, has designed a limited edition collection of recycled tote bags for the Africa Project.  With the title, environmental activist now attached to her resume, Westwood is involved with the Ethical Fashion Africa Project, a part of the International Trade Center.  The organization works with women, such as single mothers, widows, HIV/AIDS victims and those living in extreme poverty.  EFAP,  links up international distributors and fashion businesses with those in the communities that the organization supports.  Through designers such as Vivienne Westwood, those effected by poverty have access to a job and an income that then benefits the entire community.

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