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Swimsuits For Every Shape at Land’s End Canvas

June 28, 2011
You know the drill.  It’s summer, you want that perfect swimsuit for that vacation or a day at the beach.  Once you start trying several on, you might not feel so perfect. But ladies, don’t fret. Every“body” is perfect in its own way. It’s just a matter of finding that one fabulous swimsuit that will look and feel good on your particular shape.
I was gifted with the perfect swimsuit and accessories from Lands End Canvas for the summer.  

Women's Swim Essentials Halter Tankini Swimsuit Top; $29.99; Lands' End Canvas;


Women's Swim Essentials Swim Bottom; $9.99; Lands End Canvas;


Shoreline Straw Tote; $49.99; Lands' End Canvas; canvas.landsend.comClassic Sunglasses; $33.99; Lands End Canvas;

I suggest that you give Lands’ End Canvas a try. They have a number of styles that work for a range of shapes. Don’t know where to begin? Check out the list below along with a few suggestions.  Happy Shopping!
If You Have Large Bust: Full on coverage by way of an underwire is the way for you to go.

Women's Swim Essentials Underwire Bikini Top; On sale $9.99; Lands End Canvas;

 If You Have Small Bust: Fill out your “girls” by wearing a bathing suit or bikini top that has ruffles or any type of embellishment along the bust.

Women's Summerland Striped Ruffle Bikini Top; $29.99; Lands' End Canvas;

If You Have Lovely Lady Humps (Bottom Heavy):  For large butts, think about a swimsuit with a low, V or square-cut back.  Or, you can give a slimming illusion and trim off a few inches by choosing a bathing suit or bikini bottom that is cut high in the thigh area.  

Women's Swim Essentials Underwire Halter Tank Swimsuit; $16.99; Lands' End Canvas;

 If You Have A Boyish Figure: Maybe try to give the illusion of curves by looking for a swimsuit that has an interesting design in the middle or one that has a belt.

Montauk French Bikini Top and Bottom; $24.99 for the top; $24.99 for the bottom; Lands' End Canvas;

 If You Have A Bit of A Belly: That area can be slimmed down with diagonal strips, large prints, ruching or a slimming ruffle down the center of the suit.

Women's Swim Essentials Paisley V-neck Halter Tank Swimsuit; $22.99; Lands' End Canvas;

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