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A Look That Will “Suit” You Well…

July 3, 2011
Kanye West in Paris; Photo: Eric Ryan/Getty Images
What’s not to love about this look? It’s simple, classic..clean and just plain ol’ HOT! Thanks Kanye. This is a look that’s fairly simple to create, so fellas grab a pen, bookmark this page..something..but whatever you do, consider this look:
1) A Slim fit suit jacket.

Slim fit suit jacket; $280;

2) Nix the button down shirt and tie, instead choose a luxury cotton t-shirt, with a smooth hand.

Armani Collezioni Trim Fit Crewneck T-Shirt; $115;

3) Go with a narrow pant, ideally a suit pant. A pant thats slightly a different color could work, but a suit pant compliments this look the best.

Slim fit suit pants; $120;

The best sneaker to wear with this look is one that’s simple. Keep the line balanced. With that being said, don’t wear a chunky pair of sneakers that are too heavy. Instead, go for a simple sneaker such as Converse’s Jack Purcell.

Jack Purcell; about $50;

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