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Carmindy of What Not To Wear Shares Perfect Eye Tips For This Fall

September 29, 2011

As the saying goes, ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’. But, in the beauty world, eyes are the beginning of a great face! So, who better to turn to for the tools needed for perfect lashes and brows? That’s right, Carmindy of TLC’s, What Not To Wear.



Carmindy, co-creator of Sally Hansen Natural Beauty and author of “Crazy Busy Beautiful”, has a few suggestions on 3 perfect eye tools – $10 and under from Sally Hansen Beauty Tools.  But, not only does Carmindy have insight on the tools needed, but she also has tips of how the tools can be used.


1. The Now Brow Perfect Arch Brow Kit

Enjoy tweezer-free brow shaping from this innovative set. Featuring one brow scissor and one brow shaper, the perfect brow set allows you to refine, define, arch, and accent. ($9.49)

Carmindy says: “If your brows grow straight down, use a curved pair of cuticle scissors and snip them from underneath into perfect shape.”

2. Mighty Mini Tini Tweeze Slant Tip

These travel size slant tip tweezers are perfect for working in-between or above the brows. The platform design inside the tips means even more hair-grabbing capability. ($5.49)

Carmindy says: “To ease your tweezing, pull the skin taut, grab the hairs at the base as close to the skin as you can get, and gently pull.”

3.  Sexy Curls Precision Eyelash Curler

Crimp, curl, widen and wink with the deluxe lash curler. Engineered to not touch the face and easier handling and crimping comfort.  ($6.49)

Carmindy says: ”For extra curling oomph, lightly run a warm hair dryer for about thirty seconds before crimping your lashes.  Touch it with a clean finger before proceeding.  You want it warm, not scalding. Protect that delicate skin!”

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