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Tis’ The Season For Layers: Layering 101 For Men & Women

October 16, 2011

I love how the temperature fluctuates during the early fall between cool, crisp mornings to comfortable warm afternoons. Mainly because when the weather constantly changes, that means one thing – time to have fun with layers! Layering allows us to turn to our most coveted wardrobe basics and combine them with some of our latest buys from the current season. Layering also allows gives us a chance to really showcase our style while hanging around town before having to cover up in coats. True fun begins with layering, because we can mix prints, colors and textures.

Do you remember that line from MTV cribs when celebs would show their bedrooms and boast, “This is where the magic happens”? Such is the case with layering – that’s where the magic of a well coordinated autumn look happens.

Now here’s the thing. I know that alot of my fabulous readers such as yourselves are savvy Style Pooh-Bahs, and come here for the latest buzz on what’s hot – and maybe even a few tips here and there. But, do know that this blog also serves a purpose in helping others become Style Pooh-Bahs. One aspiring person in particular is my Segment Producer, Derrick Sampson. I know you’re you about to put your producer on blast?! Whoa, Nelly (HA) – easy does it! Well, yes but it’s ok! It’s totally necessary to help him – especially with station events that he has to attend. It’s essential to look the part.  You can hear Derrick being put on blast by me on my segment the Style Groove Report by Naima Turner on Soulful Sunday with Dyana Williams and Derrick Sampson, click here to listen.

Last week, he sent me a few text images for style advice before heading to an event for the radio station. The looks were dreadful. It was going to be a bit of a moderately cool day, which called for layers. He wanted to wear a white long sleeve button down shirt, under a short sleeve rugby and then wear a slim-fit blazer over both. Talk about MAJOR bulk and too many collars at once. But, not just that – the look was really awkward due to the fit. So, yup..that lead to this post. These fabulous looks are from

1) Go For A Good Fit! The one main key to layering is to not have bulk and for the look to be overall a good fit. Also, do not overdo it with the collars. If the bottom layer starts off being a shirt with a collar, then the next layer should not.  Also don’t wear more than one bulky sweater at a time. Lookbook for Men Lookbook for Women

2) Embrace Complimenting Colors! Plaid is all the rage this season. So, if wearing a plaid shirt, the next layer shouldn’t be matchy-matchy and the same as the base color of the shirt. Instead opt for a bold contrasting color for an extra POP and add that as your top layer. Or vice versa if wearing a print on top. Choose a solid color for beneath. Lookbook for Men Lookbook for Women

3) Play on Prints! This isn’t just a trend for ladies. Guys can wear it too. If the thought seems too complicated start off with selecting a print in one color as the first layer. For the top layer, stick to that color, but simply choose a contrasting print. Lookbook for Men
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