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Style Q&A: 10 minutes with Creative Director, Lise Aagard of Trollbeads Universe

October 17, 2011

Introduced in 1976, Trollbeads made it’s mark as the original bead and bracelet company.

No matter the experience – there’s a bead to convey a special feeling for the memory to live on.  Each marks a time, space, or event – which is why, Trollbeads makes for the perfect and meaningful gift.  Coined as the “Rolls Royce” of the bead category, Trollbeads Jewelry is considered the standard of excellence, original artistry and craftsmanship. I caught up with,  Lise Aagaard, Creative Director of Trollbeads.  She shared with me why Trollbeads reigns supreme and has a dedicated following of fans and collectors, who affectionately call themselves, ‘Trolies’.

Naima Turner:  Hi Lise! Thank you for taking time the time out of your schedule for this interview with me. With Trollbeads being around since 1976 – what do you think is the main reason the brand stays fresh and appealing?

Lise Aagaard:  Most of all, the answer lies in the love for our product. We have a genuine respect for design, quality and the stories behind the products. The contributions from new designers make sure that we are always bringing new ideas, trends and styles. And finally, but certainly not least, our customers always keep us up on our toes. Their commitment and love to our product make us very grateful.

Continue reading my Style Q & A interview on Style Q&A: 10 minutes with Creative Director, Lise Aagard of Trollbeads Universe – National style |

Organic Bubbles bead; Trollbeads Universe
Dicroic Ice bead; Trollbeads Universe
Buttons bead; Trollbeads Universe
Third Eye bead; Trollbeads Universe
Heart Chakra bead; Trollbeads Universe
Sweater bead; Trollbeads Universe
Maternity bead; Trollbeads Universe
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