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B.Y.O.B In Style For The Holidays

December 7, 2011

*Recommended for readers 21 and over.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a total lush..but I happen to be drawn to eye-catching logos and bottle design when it comes to liquor and wine packaging. Recently, I’ve come across 4 spirit packages that not only offer great taste, but fabulous design while bringing life to a party – visually.

DeLeón Tequila

DeLeón Tequila product bottles are made of heavy, thick glass, and each is uniquely square, sleek and sexy, with the DeLeón logo sandblasted on the front. They all have iconic metal tops designed by famed rock and roll jewelry designer Bill Wall. Both the Diamante and Reposado feature a sterling silver top, while the Añejo, is finished in gold. (Suggested retail: DeLeón Diamante, $125; DeLeón Reposado, $150; DeLeón Añejo, $175; DeLeon Extra Añejo: $250.)



DeLeón Product Line Up


The Bar Tender bag – Bombay Sapphire

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, in collaboration with Barking Irons, has debuted a limited edition “Bar Bag.”  Inspired by the classic gentry of 19th century London, the bag is made similar to the style carried by  home-visiting doctors and serves as a nod to the early medicinal remedies ascribed to gin. The bag has been designed with individual compartments for each of Bombay Sapphire’s traditional bartending tools, which include the Boston shaker, the Hawthorne Strainer, the Japanese Bar Spoon, the Birds Nest Strainer and the Knife, Jigger, Muddler, Squeezer and Ice Pick. Available for purchase at for $495


Bombay Sapphire Bar Bag


My Cointreau® Travel Essentials

Dita Von Teese world-renowned burlesque star, fashion muse and boundless adventurer, carries her charm with her throughout the world. Together with Cointreau®, the original French triple sec, Von Teese has created “My Cointreau® Travel Essentials.” Presented in a chic, retro hatbox, the luxury coffret opens up to reveal tastefully-refined travel bar that conveniently stores all the accessories needed to create classic cocktails while jet-setting all over the globe or while celebrating at home with friends.

“My Cointreau® Travel Essentials”: $399. Visit or for more details.


Dita Von Teese’s collaboration with Cointreau, “My Cointreau Travel Essentials”



Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Inspired by classic 50’s style refrigerator, Le Fridge keeps a bottle of Veuve Clicquot chilled for up to two hours. This chic portable refrigerator is the ideal companion for any Holiday or New Year’s party and can be reused for more celebrations to come.  Veuve Clicquot champagnes are available at fine wine and spirits stores nationwide for approx. $40/bottle.



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