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Style Pooh-Bahs Has A Beauty Chat With Kate Walsh Regarding Her Scent ‘Boyfriend’

December 16, 2011
Actress and Perfumer, Kate Walsh
Who doesn’t love their boyfriend during the Holidays? Well, Kate Walsh loves her BOYFRIEND – as she should, because it’s one of the hottest scents out.  Trust me her BOYFRIEND, is surely one to LOVE, so it’s a no-brainer that it’s a Hot Holiday find for you to give as a gift to your best gal pal. I carry my solid BOYFRIEND perfume in my purse wherever I go!
An hour ago, I was lucky to join Kate Walsh on a phone call. I got a chance to talk to the very busy, super down to earth actress of ABC’s Private Practice and perfumer, about her scent. During the call, Kate mentioned that she created the scent because she was inspired to make one that joined, quality and luxury at a great price point.
Many questions were asked on the call about Kate’s fragrance creation that was inspired by men but made for women.  Do you want to know why Kate suggests that you try the “boyfriend in a bottle scent?”  Here is what I asked:
Naima Turner: Kate, why is BOYFRIEND a must-have scent for the Holiday season and beyond?
Kate Walsh: I’ve searched around for a long time for something like BOYFRIEND. But, there wasn’t anything out there like the fragrance. The idea to launch the one-of-a kind fragrance didn’t leave me alone. In making the scent, I also wanted to make a fragrance that could be layered. BOYFRIEND can be worn by itself or layered with other vanilla, floral or oriental notes.
Naima: I have to try that especially because I’ve never thought of layering fragrance with another before.  That’s really interesting!
Kate: Yes, try it – it layers beautifully!
You know what ladies, I always was the type to not mix layers and scents..but this, I’m going to definitely try.  Thanks Kate for the green light for going outside of my comfort zone! Now, I’m definitely going to love my BOYFRIEND perfume even more! And, I must say that I love that the scent does stay with you and won’t fade quickly like so many others.
So my fabulous readers, want a BOYFRIEND of your own? Tis The Season’ –  I have GREAT news! For a chance to win a 15mL bottle of the perfume, tell me why you want to have your own BOYFRIEND for the Holidays to have as a new signature scent.
BOYFRIEND perfume, created by Kate Walsh, 15ml Eau de Parfum
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