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Reigning Booties: Four Rain Boots To Chase Those Style Clouds Away

January 23, 2012

Just a few weeks shy of February, we’ve only had one snow storm so far this winter – which hasn’t given us a chance to rock out our favorite snow boots.  And, with nothing but rain in the forecast for the next few days ahead – it might be time to shop for some stylish rain boots.

For the last few years, rain boots with eye-catching designs have become a favorite in women’s closets.  But, even though the graphics and structure of these rain boots are festive and fun – what works for one outfit or occasion – doesn’t work for others. Luckily, there are now “grown-up” boot styles that offer function and a “wow” factor while complimenting a range of outfits.

With any one of these rain boot styles, your look is sure to make any cloudy day – a classy and fabulous one!


Looking for the perfect rain boot to pair with those weekend skinny jeans?


Interlaken Boot in Very Berry, Hunter Boots, $195,




If you’re headed to the office and want something  grown-up and classy. 



Croc Riding Rain Boot, $90.00, Chooka



It’s only a light drizzle and you love ballet flats! 


Duck Skimmer Flats, $79.95, Chooka,


If the forecast calls for rain in the morning, but sun in the’s the solution.  Wear them now and fold them up for later.


Folding Rain Boot, $99.00,
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