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Style Pooh-Bah’s Exclusive Q&A With Victoria’s Secret Pink Supermodel Elsa Hosk

February 1, 2012

In 2011, Swedish fashion model Elsa Hosk was given the opportunity of a lifetime –  wings to walk Victoria’s Secret catwalk as their new VS Pink model.

Prior to Elsa Hosk’ prestigous gig, the supermodel had done a number of other fabulous high-profile modeling projects. But here’s the catcher, how many models have played professional basketball? Exactly. This is a supermodel who obviously isn’t afraid of breaking a sweat on the runway or off.

So, are you wondering what Supermodel Elsa Hosk does to stay fit?  Or, how it felt to be chosen as a Victoria’s Secret Pink supermodel?  Read on for Style Pooh-Bahs exclusive Q&A with Ms. Elsa Hosk on these questions and more!!!

Naima Turner: Elsa, when you learned that you were going to become a new face among the Victoria’s Secret Angels – did you flip out?  What was the first thought of excitement that went through your head?

Elsa Hosk: I totally flipped out!! I was so excited, I got the phone call walking around with some friends on the street and I basically dropped my phone screaming! My first thought was feeling proud, and just pure happiness that I had made it into the show that I’d been dreaming of walking in since I started modeling.

Naima Turner: Have you found that the same amount of discipline required in basketball is in some ways similar to the discipline required for modeling?

Elsa Hosk: Absolutely! I’ve been able to take the discipline and a lot of other things I learned playing sports and apply it all to modeling.

Naima Turner: Now that you are a model, what type of fitness routine do you follow to keep your body in shape, such as Yoga, or jogging, etc.?




Victoria’s Secret PINK Supermodel Elsa Hosk at Yogaworks SoHo;PHOTO by: Marion Curtis/




Elsa Hosk: I have a trainer in New York that does a mix of Pilates, stretching, boxing and balance. He will make you tight and lean in one session! But I love all sorts of training and mix it up to keep it fun. I love SoulCycle, kickboxing and dancing to keep fit! It’s all about balance. I pretty much live in my PINK yoga pants since I can wear them for any workout – love it.



Victoria’s Secret PINK Supermodel Elsa Hosk at Yogaworks SoHo;PHOTO by: Marion Curtis/



Naima Turner: Does the basketball court still call your name during your spare time?

Elsa Hosk: Yes! I can’t walk by a court without staring for at least 20min at the people playing. If I’m lucky they will let me play with them! And they are always surprised! Sometimes some friends get together for a fun game and it’s always the best time.

Naima Turner: How would you describe your personal style?

Elsa Hosk: I’m obsessed with clothes and my style changes with my mood! I love playing characters, one morning I will feel like dressing like Annie Hall, the next I will mix a little 90s with some Isabel Marant and look a little all over the place. The key is just to be comfortable and look effortless!

Naima Turner: Because you are often required to wear makeup for modeling jobs – how do you keep your skin glowing and fresh when you’re not in front of the camera?

Elsa Hosk:  Yes, it can be rough on your skin, and most makeup contains a lot of toxins that aren’t good for your skin. I always wash makeup off, I try to keep an organic, clean and balanced diet, and when I do my own makeup, I use an organic line called RMSbeauty.

Naima Turner: Thanks for your time, Elsa! Where can readers follow you to stay posted on your projects, etc?

Elsa Hosk:  Follow me @elsahosk on twitter! 🙂



Victoria’s Secret PINK Supermodel Elsa Hosk Host “YOGA With PINK” at Yogaworks SoHo.
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