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R.I.P Whitney Houston: In Memory of A World-Class Beauty

February 12, 2012

It saddens me to write this post – yet is necessary for so many reasons.  Two days ago we learned about the loss of world-class singer and star, Whitney Houston. This unbelievable loss has left many feeling shocked and sad.  When a person makes their transition, the humane thing to do is to celebrate their life instead of rehashing the assumed negative circumstances.

Whitney Houston was an absolute beautiful woman! Prior to being a songbird, she was a model.






Modeling on her album covers, magazine covers and other photo shoots years later came easy because she was a natural – she had such regal poise.









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  1. February 12, 2012 11:19 pm

    Lovely post Naima, great to see those early photos. Isn’t it interesting how the fashion world chases girls in their early teens as “the model of beauty” and yet I think women really don’t reach their height of beauty until well after that.

    I wrote a post about her too

    • Naima Turner permalink*
      February 13, 2012 12:01 pm

      Thank you Annabelle, for your response. Ah, age…a topic that has been and will always be a “hot topic”. So much pressure that people put on themselves because of it, such as accomplishments that should be reached by a certain time. Others want years back. Even teens tired of their parents strict restrictions – look forward to being grown. Through it all is the wanting to look younger when you’re older…or look older when you’re younger. All of these cases are a result of what society dictates. To me, beauty is all encompassing – no matter the age, race, height, body weight, etc. I’m in my 30’s and some people think that I’m still in my late 20’s..and while that’s nice…but, 30 isn’t old…but younger women say, “I want to look young in my 30’s”…LOL..I want to say, “Sweetie, the 30’s are not old..the 40’s aren’t old..age is mental.” If you think, old, act old and dress old..then you will look old.”

      I read your post – and I must say that what infuriates me are the labels that are put on people when they get to a certain point of their career. When people are labeled as , “wasted”, or “a has been”….it ridiculous. I always wonder, who are these people passing judgement – and if anything, they themselves must really dislike the skin that they are in to say that someone else is over. Unfortunately, when a person puts themselves in the public eye, they become bait for ridicule. In turn, the person who is in the public eye being ridiculed, begins to feed into what others are thinking. Whitney Houston was a fabulous woman and loved at every point and stage of her life and career.

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