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Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring 2012 Collection Preview

March 3, 2012

On the Northeast, Thursday evening was drab and dreary – with the exception of New York City, where the Victoria’s Secret Pink showroom was full of fun and sunshine. The brand presented a private preview of the 2012 Spring Break collection at a Style Off event, hosted by Elsa Hosk, one of the supermodels for the brand – and Style Pooh-Bahs was there having a blast!!

The showroom was transformed into a spring break fest where fashion and beauty editors, and bloggers conducted one-on-one interviews with Elsa Hosk, with a walk-through of the collection. The vibe was set with colorful props, styled mannequins, a bling cart and mini-concession station.



Victoria's Secret Pink Spring 2012 Shpwroom display, Photo: Style Pooh-Bahs

Victoria's Secret Pink Spring 2012 Showroom display, Photo: Style Pooh-Bahs



Victoria's Secret Pink Goodie Bar, Photo: Style Pooh-Bahs



Fashionistas looking to get their flirty, beachside outfit fix should note that Victoria’s Secret Pink is where they will find it all. Mannequins and racks were full of flirty, sassy and colorful cut-off shorts, cropped tops, sweats and hoodies – which actually were Elsa’s favorite picks. She shared that the tops with flattering sayings were fun, as well.



Victoria's Secret Pink Supermodel Elsa Hosk, Photo: Style Pooh-bahs



ELSA’S PICKS (cut-off shorts, hoodies, multi-way bra and cropped t-shirts)



Neon cut-off shorts in Purple, $44.50, Victoria's Secret Pink

Signature Pink Hoodie, $46.50, Victoria's Secret Pink

Multi-Way push-up bra, $39.50, Victoria's Secret Pink

Victoria's Secret Pink Crop Tee, $22.50, Victoria's Secret Pink

Crop Tee's, $17.50, Victoria's Secret Pink



Following Q & A’s with Elsa, editors and bloggers were given a chance to have a Style Off, and create their own interpretation of the perfect Victoria’s Secret Pink spring break look. While in between styling sessions, there was a beauty station full of scents and lotions from the Spring 2012 Spring Beach collection available to sample.



Victoria's Secret Pink Beach Beauty Line on display at the event. Photo: Style Pooh-Bahs

One thing for sure – the fun doesn’t stop for Victoria’s Secret Pink. On March, 12th, the brand is having a college spring break event in Miami – the Pink Nation Pool Party. Elsa and fellow Victoria’s Secret Pink model Chanel Iman will be hosting the event for about 1,500 college kids.  Sounds like that will be a pool party NOT to miss!!



Love Pink beach towel, $19.50, Victoria's Secret Pink

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