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SP Trial Run: Jonathan Product For Hair

March 9, 2012

The other night while primping and pampering for a night out on the town, I turned to a new shampoo and conditioner. I know what you’re thinking.  A new shampoo AND conditioner before going out – how risqué.  Yes, I know, but everything turned out to be all good in more ways than one.  Actually, everything turned out to be fabulous!!

When it comes to hair, we want, what we want and need what we need – based on our own individual hair type. With my hair being thick yet fine, I tend to stay away from anything that will add volume. Instead, I go for products that are hydrating, will add moisture and tame frizz. Products that provide salon-like results are perfect for someone like me who doesn’t go to the hair salon every week, but still want their hair to look great.  For me, Jonathan Products provided all of those things.

The Jonathan Product hair-line, is a 100% vegan and sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

For my lifestyle, I need and prefer easy, every-day maintenance – which means that I prefer my hair to be blown straight, with a few curls here and there. So, for a smooth blow dry finish, I decided to use the Jonathan Product Smooth No-Frizz shampoo ($18), made of keratin and soy protein – which was scent free. The shampoo gave me instant lather and a squeaky clean feel.  For conditioner, I wanted to use something from the line that would be a great protecting shield against from the blow dryer and curling iron. So, I used the Jonathan Product Hydrating conditioner ($18) made of Grapeseed Oil and Botanical Extracts. To seal in the conditioner, it’s recommended that the conditioner be rinsed with cold water, however, I rinsed with warm, and the results were still amazing.

Now, I’m a fan of Jonathan Products and I also love that it’s a natural, vegan collection of hair care products, that provided fabulous results!  Jonathan Products are sold online at,,, and Duane Reade drugstores.

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