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Sunny Side Up: Old Navy Presents its Summer 2012 Collection

March 24, 2012

Thursday evening, I attended Old Navy’s Preview of Summer 2012 at their showroom. The Summer 2012 Preview included a sneak peek of the Best Tees collection and the launch of Studio Spotlight.

The invitation requested that editors and bloggers come with a favorite personal image for an on-site silk screener to customize a personal tee for each of us. I didn’t have a photo print of anything, so I sketched a shoe image – something flirty, colorful and perfect for the summer.  After creating the sketch, all that was left for me to do was photo copy the sketch in preparation for the screen printing.




My shoe design sketch for my personalized Old Navy Tee.



Upon arrival, editors and bloggers were presented with a fun, craft table full of cut-out words, images, etc. – and introduced to Best Tees collection, which was actually the softest tee, ever. I chose a V-neck tee to have my sketched image silk screened on.





I chose a phrase to glue onto the photo copy of my sketch, “Chic In the Heat”…and my t-shirt was whisked to the back to be completed.





During the event, I walked around the showroom to catch a glimpse of the Studio Spotlight Designer collection that is making its debut in April at select Old Navy stores. The first Studio Spotlight collection, designed by Kim Brennecke features vintage inspired looks with a Victorian edge and subtle military details.



Studio Spotlight Designer sub-collection by Kim Brennecke of Old Navy.



The showroom also featured Old Navy’s Summer 2012 collection which was full of colorful beachwear, a range of printed shorts, chic cozy summer knits, easy breezy dresses and a full range of their new tee collection. While checking out the upcoming collection, editors and bloggers were served tasty treats and refreshing drinks.



(Pictured above) The silk screening of my sketch on my t-shirt was completed and ended up looking amazing!!  My total, completed tee shirt included a few extra touches.  When I got home, I added a small touch..a tassle and a stud.

At the event, we were given two additional tees.   I chose yellow and lavender which coordinate perfectly with some of my jewelry. Besides, colorful tees are great for layering, or punching up color in a look.

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  1. Ayanna permalink
    March 24, 2012 6:31 pm

    Fab Ni!!! Just simply fabulous …:)))

    • Naima Turner permalink*
      March 24, 2012 7:02 pm

      Thanks, Ayanna!

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