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Want Perfect Hair After A Day Or Days By The Pool? Try These Perfect Summer Hair Tips by Warren – Tricomi and Touch Back Plus

April 11, 2012

Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren, co-owners of the Warren-Tricomi salons have the perfect go to style tips and the 411 on keeping your hair color fresh this summer!

  • “A great do-it-yourself hairstyle is a simple braid across the front. Take wet or dry hair, make a side part and braid the hair from the part straight down and secure with a rubber band. This style looks sophisticated but it pulls the hair away from the face, which is often essential in the heat.” – Edward Tricomi


  • “To prevent hair from fading, you should try to wear a hat as often as possible. If you don’t have a hat, place hair in a very high bun on top of you head. This will guarantee that the top layers and crown of your hair are covered and not exposed to the harmful UV rays” – Joel Warren



Wondering What Products To Use To Preserve Your Hair Color When Swimming?


To prevent hair brassiness caused by chlorine, you may want to try TouchBack Plus  ($24.95 – $29.95) to help you maintain your hair color. Touch Back Plus is available in shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner.



Touch Back Plus Shampoo Color



Touch Back Plus Conditioner




Touch Back Plus Leave In Conditioner

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