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Fresh Scents of Spring: Six Fragrances Worth Considering As The ‘Top Note’ When Getting Dressed

April 12, 2012

The Spring brings feelings of freshness, florals, playfulness, and warm temps – all which are captured and bottled in some of the best spring fragrances.  Coco Chanel is my personal favorite and my signature scent for the cooler months, but for the summer, I like to spritz on fruity, floral fragrances that make me feel vibrant and energetic while out and about.  I have a few scents in the running that I’m considering to make my own for the spring and summer. How about you?  Are you looking for the perfect spring/summer scent?  Here are a few that I’m considering which happen to be suited perfectly for flirty pastel outfits, cut-out shirts and fabulous floral looks.


Opus VI By The House Of Amouage (North America Launch April 2012)
The base consists of amber with fragments of woody, leather and Cistus notes. The top consists of Sichuan pepper, frankincense, Periploca, cypriol and patchouli.




Ferragamo Incanto Bloom
Incanto Bloom is a floral fruity scent with a lively and subtle twist of grapefruit flowers and freesia blended with a blossoming bouquet of tea roses and champaca flowers. Pricing: $45 – $82






Balenciaga Paris

A light fragrance that reveals a bouquet of violets with peppery notes over mossy wood. Pricing: $95 – $130


Infanta en flor

A floral musky amber with notes that include: orange flower water, spanish leather, Cistus resin and immortelle. Pricing: $175




Marc Jacobs Lola

LOLA is a warm floral bouquet with fruity top notes of pink peppercorn, pear d’anjou, ruby-red grapefruit with touches of dischia peony, rose and geranium. Pricing: $65 – $85




A youthful, fresh, romantic scent combination of floral powdery notes, hints of peony, lychee and the springtime freesia with subtle hints of warm amber and cedar wood. Pricing $85 – $110



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