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Style Pooh-Bah Q&A: Reality Star Gayle Giacomo of Jerseylicious Talks About Her GG Gatsby Hair Care Line

May 18, 2012

Now that we’ve heard all the rage about the new GG Gatsby hair care line, some of you may want to know more about the products within the line-up.  Well, great news..Ms. Gayle Giacomo took time out of her very busy and demanding schedule (thank you so much Gayle) to answer a few questions giving all the deets (details) about the brands products!

Naima: The Gatsby girls of Jerseylicious have put full hair on the map! So for those women dying to know – how can they pump up the volume in their hair with the GG Gatsby hair care collection?

Gayle: I recommend our Ooh La La Volume Collection, starting with our Raise Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, then towel dry your hair and at your roots then all over apply & blow-dry our Over –the-Top Root Lift Spray for that REAL Jerseylicious Hair! Every Jersey style needs to finish with a fabulous hairspray, our is even Anti- Humidity  for the hot, steamy summer nights, Against Gravity Hairspray will keep your hair up all night long!

Naima: Gayle, I was excited to learn that your new hair care collection doesn’t include harmful chemicals. With years of hair care and styling under your belt, what do you find are the benefits of using shampoo and conditioner made of natural ingredients vs. those that aren’t?

Gayle: The Ooh La La  Volume Shampoo and Conditioner does NOT contain sulfates, parabens and phthalates, which in turn treats the hair in a more gentle manner. Especially if your hair is colored or has been keratin treated, this care line will truly do that, CARE for your hair!

Naima: Within the GG Gatsby hair care collection there is the Ultimate Lift Dry Shampoo powder, which seems ideal for scenarios such as freshening up the hair after a quick workout. But, what if a woman uses a lot of hair products to style her hair such as moisturizer or holding spray – is the Ultimate Lift Dry Shampoo powder as effective in cleaning with those products in the hair?

Gayle: Our Ultimate Lift Shampoo Powder is a very exciting formula! It’s made of Oatmeal Flour and Micro-Crystals which work together to help neutralize odors, rids hair and scalp of dirt, oil, odor and product build-up! Just make sure your brush your hair thoroughly after applying the product. And the best benefit of the powder is that it builds volume by adding texture and definition!

Naima: I don’t know of a woman who isn’t often in need of or in search of the perfect holding spray – and the search sounds like it can be over with your Against Gravity Hairspray! Gayle, your hairspray tames frizz, which makes it sound that much more amazing – but is it a stiff hold that hardens, or is hair still soft after using the hairspray?

Gayle: Every woman needs to finish their style with a fabulous hairspray, ours is even Anti- Humidity  for the hot, steamy summer nights. Against Gravity Hairspray will keep your hair up all night long! The amazing benefit of this hairspray is that it is a “buildable” hold spray, meaning you can spray a little for a soft-touchable hold, add some more hairspray for a stiffer hold and continue until you have the stiff-this hair is going no-where hold!!

Naima: As a successful business woman, what advice would you give other women who have ambitions goals of starting their own business or brand of their dreams?

Gayle: Owning your own business is very demanding. It is challenging trying to balance career with personal life.  You have to make time for yourself.  Some of my greatest ideas come when I take a few days to regroup..then I come back refreshed and better than ever.

Thanks Gayle!!

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