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Oh, Cut It Out…

May 29, 2012

One of the sexiest trend of the seasons is the cut-out trend.  Now, in case you don’t think that you can get in on the look…surprise, surprise, you can absolutely wear the trend simply by trying a dress or shirt with the shoulder area cut-out – which works for any shape, age or size!

Lea Michele of Glee Spotted in the trend.

Some fashionistas may opt to be a bit more bold and wear the cut-out in the mid region – however, the key to a seamless look is no bulge. Wondering how to stay trim for the trend? Feel free to check out my article “Ready, Set, Tone For Spring 2012 Trends”, where I share tips from a personal fitness trainer and the Director of Brand Advocacy of Weight Watchers International.

Here are four cut-out picks of the season:

Untitled #12
by stylepoohbahs featuring a navy blue cocktail dress

Quiksilver summer cocktail dress
$88 –

Jane Norman navy blue cocktail dress
£20 –

Quiksilver striped t shirt
$44 –

Glamorous cut out top
£22 –

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