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The Golden Rule: Carol Shaw of LORAC Shares Bronzing Tips

June 23, 2012

It’s the summer, and for me this means slightly changing my beauty routine. During the hotter months, I don’t wear much foundation due to the heat because it tends to feel too heavy. The perfect solution? Bronzer!

For tips on how to achieve a flawless bronzed look, I turned to Carol Shaw, the creator of LORAC about her latest TANtalizer Collection.


Carol Shaw, Founder of LORAC


Style Pooh-Bahs: When purchasing Bronzer, what should a woman look for when selecting one that best compliments her complexion?

Carol Shaw: Most woman with fair skin think they can not wear a Bronzer, not true! There are many different shades of Bronzers available that compliment all skin tones. If you have fair skin, look for a Bronzer that is not too dark, a light to medium shade of brown/bronze. Look for Bronzers that contain shimmer for a beautiful, luminous, natural glow.

Style Pooh-Bahs: Are there any pointers for getting the best effects from Bronzer during the day? At night?

Carol Shaw: Many Bronzers can be worn on the face and body. Some are powder (try LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer) and some are liquid. Make sure that the Bronzer is formulated for both face and body, most powders can be used for both.  For day or night you can dust Bronzer on your cheeks for a rosy glow and on your shoulders, decolletage, and anywhere you want a better-than-natural tan!

Style Pooh-Bahs:  How can a woman avoid a powdery bronzed look?

Carol Shaw: If you have darker skin, choose a Bronzer that is not too light and not too yellow to avoid looking ashy. A Bronzer with warm undertones and gold pearl will makes the complexion look natural and radiant.


The limited-edition summer set contains all the must-haves: Exclusive Eye Shadow Palette with 4 Shimmering Gold and Bronze Eye Shadows, Limited Edition Animal Print Face Bronzer, TANtalizer Lips With Benefits Gloss in a super sexy peach-bronze shade. To top it off, the hot Bronzer collection comes in an exotic canvas bag with animal print and bamboo-like details.

I’m looking forward to trying my TANtalizer kit for a golden-bronzed sun-kissed look!


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