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Safe Tanning Alternatives the DIY Way

July 18, 2012

This heat wave is no-joke and I can’t even imagine how anyone can put their mind to laying out in the bare sun to get a tan.  So, I have two alternatives that will bare you the sunburn, harmful rays and heat.  Here’s what you can try:

Airbrush tanning the DIY way.

  • Luminess Air ($99) offers salon quality, airbrush tanning for a fraction of the cost. Supposedly, the airbrush system is easy to use and offers a streak-free, flawless and glowing tan. Even better, you can have a healthy golden glow all year round! Luminess Air spray formula is FDA approved and 700% more powerful than other DIY self tanners.  The Luminess Tan Airbrush Starter Kit comes with a compressor with stylus, two intake nozzles, three 1.5 oz bottles of tanning solution, AC adapter, cleaning bottle and an instructional DVD. 


  • A tan for all seasons by bliss ($36), is an advanced antioxidant-infused self-tanner that gives a gradual, head-to-toe tan. The can comes with a 360° nozzle perfect for tanning those hard to reach places. You can find the self-tanner spray at bliss spas, and select Sephora, Nordstrom, and Blue Mercury retailers.

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