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Fall Shoe Shopping Has Begun…

July 29, 2012

Today after my weekly radio segment, I made some time for a therapeutic past time called shopping.  HA!! Yes, shopping is something that always feels good.  But, I didn’t do just any kind of shopping – I went shoe shopping!

Not sure if you know about the Anniversary sale that is taking place at Nordstrom?  Well, it’s a sale that you wouldn’t want to miss! During the sale, there are AMAZING deals on NEW Fall 2012 items marked down from full price for a limited amount of time.  After all, fashionistas its time to think ahead about all of the dreamy pieces that we’ll be wearing in the next 2-3 months.

Throughout the store there were some super gorgeous accessories and hot clothing items worth considering. But, truth be told, Nordstrom has a fabulous shoe department full of so many styles, I couldn’t resist – so I found myself in the shoe department.

With so many shoes to choose from, I narrowed a few pairs down.  The first pairs were kitten heels – perfect for a range of looks from professional to casual. Then there were a pair of casual suede burgundy chunky heels that caught my eyes. Decisions, Decisions…but there was one made!

I went with these suede burgundy shoes from hinge, on sale for $59.99.  After the sale they are going back to the original price of $89.99.

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