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They Asked, He Delivered: Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap

August 2, 2012

One man (of many) who loves to see the needs of women met is Philip Kingsley. Once, when Audrey Hepburn needed specific products for her tresses, he gladly delivered with a creation specifically for her called Elasticizer. And, when the first US Olympic Synchronized Swimming team had a request for the ultimate hair care product for their water and chlorine stressed hair, yup, he delivered once again with the Philip Kingsley Swimcap.

So what’s the big deal? Well my pretties, for protection against the sun, chlorine, salt water and wind, this hair concoction is said to provide the following benefits:

  • Protects against dryness and damage caused by chlorine and salt

  • Prevents hair color fading by sun exposure

  • Perfect for preventing blonde hair from turning green in chlorinated water

  • Provides a super conditioning treatment for the hair

  • Provides great protection for both adult’s and children’s hair

Maybe this is just the thing your suitcase needs before heading on that next trip to the beach!

The Philip Kingsley Swimcap is available for $35 at


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