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This Concealer Is Now Part Of My Beauty Routine

August 14, 2012

What happens when the concealer shade that you have used for years has been discontinued? After you grunt, and wonder what in heaven’s name you’re going to do without – you really have some research to do.

I have sensitive skin, and when using makeup I want coverage that is light and as natural looking as possible.  For the past year,  I tried a few here and there but nothing really did the trick. So, yesterday, I was determined to find a new concealer once and for all. Then it happened!  I decided to introduce myself personally to the Secret Camouflage Laura Mercier concealer. Of course, I have heard of the brands concealer, and even interviewed the Brand Ambassador on the radio a year ago, but I had not given the brand a try. But, that was then and this is now and NOW, I’m hooked!

The compact comes with two tones, perfect for blending and customizing, which is ideal for me now as my skin continues to tan and will continue to be as my tan fades come the start of the Fall.

And, you know what happens when you start loving one product from a brand….you begin to fully look into all the products that are sold by that brand.  After all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with change – especially when it works out.


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