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SP Q&A: Paula Abdul Answers A Few Questions Regarding Her Avon Holiday Accessory Collaboration

September 19, 2012

Avon has announced an upcoming Holiday Accessory collaboration collection with pop icon, singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer and actress, Paula Abdul, called The “Forever selected by Paula Abdul” collection for Avon. The collection includes sparkling, glamorous and festive  earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches in colors, finishes and designs handpicked by Abdul, herself.

Those excited to get their hands on the collection will be able to purchase the pieces from Avon Representatives in mid-November. But, if you want to know more about Paula Abdul’s inspiration for the curated collection, her love for jewelry and the hottest piece from the collection, here is my Q&A answering those questions.

Naima Turner: What catches your eye when shopping for jewelry?

Paula Abdul: Subtle pieces catch my eye because they have a delicate, yet powerful kind of appeal.  I also love vibrant colors.  Choosing jewelry is just such a personal experience for me.  The truth is I’m more likely to notice a piece of jewelry based on how I’m feeling that day.  For me, jewelry isn’t just an adornment; it’s an emotional expression.  It’s an extension of my personality.

Naima Turner: Were pieces that you designed for the Forever Selected by Paula Abdul Avon Holiday line inspired by jewelry that exists within your own personal collection?

Paula Abdul: Although I have a great deal of experience with designing my own jewelry line, I didn’t design the “Forever” pieces.  Avon asked me to curate the collection, and I was extremely hands-on in that process.  I let my love of the festive color and sparkle of the holidays guide me in choosing each piece.  I love that the Avon family invited me to share my creative passion with them and with holiday shoppers…and I’m thrilled with how the “Forever” collection turned out!!!

Naima Turner: A day without jewelry is like a day without (fill in the blank)?

Paula Abdul:…a smile

Naima Turner: When did you first develop a fondness for elaborate jewelry?  Was it something that you’ve been drawn to since you were younger?

Paula Abdul: I think my fondness for elaborate jewelry began with my roots in dance, actually!  As a little girl I was so enchanted with dancing, AND with the costumes that go along with performing.  I guess it’s no wonder that jewelry is such a passion of mine.  Seeing the stage lights catch the depth and sparkle of a necklace or even a jeweled hairpiece.  That was just magical to me.  Of course, it’s not always about elaborate jewelry, or “going big.”  Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are really dainty.  Simple, understated elegance is always beautiful.

Naima Turner: What are some of your jewelry favorites from the Forever Selected by Paula Abdul Holiday line that you consider must-haves that we can expect to see?

Paula Abdul: I love the Shimmer Bead Convertible necklace set—it’s so versatile.  I like the look and feel of it against my skin.  I can play with it and change the look to dress up jeans and a T-shirt, OR to set off a little black dress.  I feel beautiful wearing it.

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