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SP Trial Run: Two Brands Perfect For At Home DIY Manicures

October 9, 2012

Sometimes, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do! And, when it comes to manicures, having the luxury of time to wait until your name is called from a list at the nail salon, may not be an option. When that’s the case, knowing exactly what brands to turn to  for that ‘manicure salon’ look is the way to go.

This past month, I put matters into my own hands with two different brands. So, pull up a chair and read on.


Ah, Julep! How sweet the sound and the brand. While at the IFB conference in September, I was lucky to have a manicure done by the Julep team during the lunch break.  Following my manicure, I scored major Julep swag: acetone free conditioning nail polish remover, cuticle oil, nail growth serum, age defying hand brightener, glycolic hand scrub, quick dry polish drops, a quick dry polish, and four juicy Julep colors. I seriously got hooked up!

A week or so later, I settled in at home to do my first manicure – Julep style.

– To remove the old nail polish, I used Julep’s fragrant Acetone Free Conditioning Remover ($14) – which smells amazing! The remover did the job without drying my nails and cuticles.

– Then I filed my nails, and applied the Glycolic Hand Scrub ($32) the Age Defying Hand Brightener ($32). My hands felt smooth, and soft.  Adios, dish pan hands!

– Next, I added the base coat ($14) and then was faced with the difficult decision of selecting a nail color. This was so challenging because all four of the nail colors ($14 each) were great. So, I chose Daphne, which was a blueish green hue.

– After a few coats, I then applied the fast dry top coat. I then followed that step with the quick dry polish drops ($14).  My nails were dry in about 10 minutes – which was a major thumbs up.  I absolutely lack patience when it comes to waiting for nails to dry.

– The polish lasts on my nails for 5 to 6 days – which in my book is great.


Gel manicure lovers can now easily get the look at home with the Haute Polish kit! I have never had a gel manicure before, nonetheless, I was pleased with the results.

The entire process only took seven easy steps.

– I started with a file down, then with the Haute Polish Cleaner/Finisher wipes, I cleared all residue from my nails.

– Next, I applied a thin coat of the Haute Polish.

– Then came the really fun part.  To dry the first coat, I put my nails under the LED talking smart light. While under the light, the talking voice talked me through the steps, and drying time.

– After that, I added another coat and then put my nails under the LED light again.

– I wondered how nail art worked with gel, I added a thick line on the tip of my nail. I then put the accent nail under the LED light again.

– Then, I removed the sticky film with the Haute Polish Cleaner/Finisher wipe.

Not bad for my first, gel manicure. But, there are two things you should know about the Haute Polish kit.  Make sure you seal the tip of your nail with the polish. For an intense color, paint at least three coats and don’t be alarmed when the color rubs off as you wipe the sticky coat with the Haute Polish wipe.

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  1. ayannakmatlock permalink
    October 9, 2012 8:39 pm

    love the orange french tip

    • Naima Turner permalink*
      October 10, 2012 8:49 am

      Thank you! Its a fun alternative to the traditional french manicure:-)

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