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I Heard Through The Grapevine….

October 16, 2012

It’s great to know that I can drink my wine and apply on my skin, too!

Thanks to Vinotherapy, having wine or some form of it has never been better. The beauty category is relatively new and was created when it was discovered that grape pulp from the wine making process happens to be full of antioxidants beneficial to skin.  One company, Delaney Wellness, has created a line of beauty products from the vines of their award -winning Delaney Vineyards to quench the thirst of skin in need of resveratrol therapy. The anti-aging collection includes 2-in-1 Vino Antioxidant Cleanser & Toner, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Antioxidant Serum, Exfoliating Gel, Rejuvenating Eye Cream and a few other products.

Well, I had a chance to have a little Vinotherapy of my own, courtesy of Delaney Wellness. I had a chance to try the Rejuvenating Eye Cream and the results have been amazing. Truthfully the cost of the eye cream is a bit hefty, and when I use I do so in dabs which, thankfully goes a long way. The cream is really light and not greasy or thick, so after applying, my skin in the eye area feels smooth.

Those looking to enhance their natural beauty with the latest in red wine inspired makeup can do so with the new Clos du Bois and Pixi Beauty collection. Inspired by the brands latest red wine blend Rouge, the makeup kit includes Rouge lip gloss, nail polish, liquid blush and a deep red, quilted cosmetic pouch for toting items. The Cosmettique by Pixi Makeup kit can be purchased separately or with 1 or 4 bottles of the Clos du Bois Rouge, making it the perfect holiday gift. I know its pretty early to even think about the holidays..but this is a fantastic way to give yourself the gift of fab makeup, while stocking up on bottles for the hosts of the many Holiday parties you’ll be attending.

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