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Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Holiday Style & Gift Ideas From Century 21 Department Store Brand Ambassador George Kotsiopoulos

November 30, 2012

It’s the time of year when crucial decisions have to be made such as what to wear or what gifts to buy. In case you’re not sure where to turn for the answer, take the advice of George Kotsiopoulos (E’s Fashion Police), a Hollywood stylist who is the Century 21 Department Store Brand Ambassador. Check out his suggestions, which can be found at

George Kotsiopoulos Headshot

Naima Turner: What are your top three festive must-haves sold at Century 21 that will have women looking amazing this holiday in place of those dreadful holiday sweaters?

George Kotsiopoulos: A gorgeous cocktail dresses in holiday jewel tones like emerald, ruby or sapphire. Embellished party tops or jackets to wear with dressier jeans. Statement earring, bracelet, belt and necklace with lots of sparkle.   Adding a sparkly accessory to your outfit immediately makes it festive but of course do not wear them all at the same time, maybe two max.




Naima Turner: What is a must-have coat pick to keep fashionistas warm and toasty while dashing from one party to the next?

George Kotsiopoulos: Fur, either the real thing or faux, is the most elegant choice.


Naima Turner: There are plenty of dancing holiday nights ahead, so what is the perfect must-have shoe?

George Kotsiopoulos: Something like the glam rock embellished satin platform maryjanes from Prada, they are just made for dancing.

Naima Turner: And,what’s a girl to clutch? 

George Kotsiopoulos: Any size is great, from a miniaudiere to oversized, but the operative word here is SPARKLE.  I keep using that word but this is what holiday dressing is all about!

Naima Turner: Let’s talk arm candy…what are three must-haves for the man on our arm to wear for Holiday parties?

George Kotsiopoulos: Slim fitting velvet blazer in a neutral color like black, navy or brown to wear with dark jeans.  Velvet blazers are great because they can easily be dressed up or down. A great cashmere sweater layered over a crisp white shirt worn with khakis, casual trousers or dark washed jeans.  Ideally the sweater is in a festive holiday color but that might be too much to ask. What’s wrong with wearing a nice suit?!  The best choice would navy or gray and you can add some holiday cheer with a tie and pocket square.


Naima Turner: For those with plenty of shopping to do, what are some of your gift suggestions for a stylish little girl, a stylish little boy, Mom, Dad, Metrosexual boyfriend, Glam BFF?

George Kotsiopoulos: All little girls want to princesses, so get anything pink and sparkly with a poufy skirt that swings and don’t forget the tiara


For a stylish little boy — Every little boy loves superhero underpants or pajamas

For Mom — Mom’s (and women in general) are kind of easy since there are so many options with no sizing required.  If you’re utterly clueless then just get her favorite perfume or better yet something similar.  If you have just a tiny bit of fashion sense then try a great cashmere scarf.  If you totally know what you’re doing head straight to the jewelry department and get her something amazing and preferably real.  She’s your mom!

Dad — For dad it’s all about cashmere since this is something most dads are probably not buying for themselves.  A scarf, sweater or even socks will do just fine.


Metrosexual Boyfriend — A Missoni-esque scarf in somber colors

Glamour BFF — A gift card to Century 21 because this girl knows what she wants and will appreciate you letting her get it on her own

Thank you Mr. George Kotsiopoulos!

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