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Holiday Style Scenarios: Decode That Invitation Dress Code

December 18, 2012

It’s party time!! With invitations pouring in, some may require that you dress a specific way for the big event.  But, between dress code requirements and a range of trends and styles offered in your favorite stores, you may find it confusing to make sense of it all. Not to worry, here is a breakdown for you!

If the invitation calls for Cocktail Attire, this doesn’t mean a full on gown – but, it does mean dress-up in a look that will make you sparkle with class. A knee-length dress or skirt is perfect..and even if you go a little above the knee..still keep it classy. The hot metallic, sequins and faux fur trends of the season are perfect for this scenario.  Also, don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel – if you have a simple black pant or pencil skirt..just add some sparkle and your ready for a cocktail party.


If the invitation calls for Festive Attire, this means have absolute fun with your look making it one that reflects celebration..with style. One trend that is ideal and screams festive, is the brocade trend. Whether a blazer, or pants – brocade works well for this dress code scenario. When pulling together a look that’s celebratory, also look to items made of velvet or items that are metallic – both are festive, as well.

festive looksp

And last, but not least is the buttoned-up dinner party that you are attending that doesn’t require cocktail wear and is too formal for fun, festive attire.  Dinner Party Attire calls for a sophisticated sleek dress look – but nothing too structured that would be worn in an office.

Dinner party

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