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A Whole New Vision For 2013 In My New Rivet & Sway Glasses

January 3, 2013


Since launching Style Pooh-Bahs its been all good, with the exception of one slight problem – my vision has changed drastically. Nope, I’m not going to blame age, but instead the computer screen.  HA! Yes, I have caught myself squinting now and then, but thought nothing of looking through tightly squeezed eyes. But alas, the time had come to do something about the squinting.

So, off to the eye doctor I went. The process was painless, except for when I learned that I had astigmatism and that someone like me with astigmatism would have to dish out $269 for contact lenses. While that’s not totally breaking the bank, I wasn’t expecting to hear that anyone would have to pay that much for contacts given all the inexpensive contact lens deals that are always advertised everywhere for $25 – $60. This only meant one other option for me – glasses. But let’s face it, a fashionista such as myself was not going to throw on just any pair of frames. My perfect match?  Rivet & Sway.

At first thought, finding stylish eyeglasses that perfectly compliments one’s personal style and complexion might seem like a challenge. But, Rivet & Sway makes the entire process painless – AND its done online – AND all for a great cost. In case you’re wondering about fit, finding the right frame, and all those other details that you assume can only be done at an eye doctor’s office – it actually CAN be done online with Rivet & Sway seamlessly.

One night while on the site, I set my mind on tortoise-shell or brown frames to not only complement my skin tone, but that could coordinate with the most outfits. I looked through the site and found several frames that I loved, but who was I kidding, I didn’t know what was going to really complement my face shape in the best way. Thankfully, Rivet & Sway lets their customers try on frames free of charge before buying a pair, with the help of a stylist. So, I filled out the questionnaire in effort to have the eyeglass stylist help me. I answered a few questions online and submitted information and much to my surprise I was contacted by the stylist the following morning! Talk about speedy customer service!



Following the call, I selected my three pair of glasses to try-on. And three days later, the eyeglasses arrived and I was ready for some home try-on fun! Before even getting to the glasses, I was presented with some really neat packaging.  My Rivet & Sway try-on sets were presented in a box with a positive message.


9three tryons rivetandswaysp

The glasses that I tried on were the Mantra, the Rizzo (in honey dip) and the Six Shooter – all perfectly sleek and stylish. I tried them on and mixed and matched for a few days, but then settled on The Mantra.  When I made my decision, I forwarded the images of myself in the glasses to the stylist and she loved my choice, as well. After sending the glasses back to Rivet & Sway, I went back to the site to send my prescription. Four days later, I had a new pair of glasses and a new view on everything around me – including shopping for eyeglasses online!

eyeglasses 2

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