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Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Virginie Promeyrat of Hats by Selima Designs

January 25, 2013


When it comes to topping off a look, there is one accessory that changes the tone of an outfit – a fabulous hat. Throughout time, hats have been a symbol of sophistication and distinction.

Whether a fashionista or fashionisto hat lover, finding a well-crafted hat is like discovering a wonderful piece of artwork. Those looking to add to their collection of headwear styles should put Hats by Selima Design on their radar. The brand offers handmade, stylish ready-to-wear and custom designed, hats.  Recently, co-founder Virginie Promeyrat answered a few of my questions about the brands timeless unique style and vision shared between her, and co-founder Selima Salaun.

Naima Turner: How would someone go about finding the perfect hat that fits their individual style?

Virginie Promeyrat: Style is subjective. Our collection both follows and sets trends. Everyone has a certain color palette that they are drawn to; a certain face shape and hairstyle that compliments different hats; maybe even a specific genre or era of fashion that inspires their style. A contemporary fashionista knows her way around fashion blogs and other social media, pays attention to fashion mags, and runway shows, and has all her favorite looks from movies, television, street style, and her favorite brands and shops. Our location in the eclectic and noted boutique district of SoHo in New York City and our online presence through social media and our website allows hat lovers to access our diverse collection with ease.

Naima Turner: When did you first develop a sweet spot in your heart for hats?

Virginie Promeyrat: I grew up in a small city where hats were more functional than fashionable. I’d see farmers, sports fans, knits in the winter covering cold ears and visors in the summer. My love for fashion came from films, television, and fashion magazines. When I was younger I would explore my grandmother’s old house and her vintage store of a closet. Her hats from the 20’s and 30’s were true statement pieces and the most fun to play dress up with. I guess playing dress up as a child equates to having fun with my current personal style.

Naima Turner: Do you consider hats as a must-have accessory that everyone should try?

Virginie Promeyrat: A hat really completes a look. It allows the wearer to be creative and reflects a developed personal style. Our collection is classic, bold, elegant, original, sexy and everything in between. Everyone can have fun wearing an interesting piece that brings their outfit to a level where style reflects personality.

Naima Turner: Is there a such thing as a hat for day and a hat for night or are hats interchangeable with any look?

Virginie Promeyrat:  Like any other accessory, hats are interchangeable. It is all about pairing your hat with the proper garments, shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc. Depending on one’s personal style, a hat can be considered day wear or evening wear or can crossover from day to-night. Our hats are generally made with a loose concept in mind. Obtaining a look is always meant to be as much of a creation to the wearer as it is to the designer.

Naima Turner: How should someone go about purchasing a hat from Selima Design online?

Virginie Promeyrat: Very simple. Go to our website: and click on our online e-boutique to go to You will have both sites open with all of our store and contact information. Users can view our collection and our press and read about us. On our boutique site simply click to purchase and follow instructions!

Naima Turner: What exciting hat trends and styles can we expect from Selima Design in 2013?

Virginie Promeyrat: Our Spring Summer 2013 line is bright, light, and fun. We have feathers, canvas, straw, mesh, knits, and sculptural elements. For shapes we have fedora type, floppy cabana types, headbands, head wraps, our signature Kai pieces, caps, visors, and masks. There is so much to offer with this fun and fashionable collection full of bold prints and exciting shapes.

Selima hat spring 2013

Naima Turner: What celebs are Selima Design fans? What designer runways have been styled using hats from Selima Design?

Virginie Promeyrat: We have many celebrity clients and our hats are constantly being spotted on models and celebrities in print and runway shows. Our hats are seen on woman of all ages and fit into anyone’s personal style. From Madonna to Rihanna, our hats have been and seen and worn by many. To name a few personalities and publications: Uma Thurman, Drew Barrymore, Josh Hartnett, Christina Ricci, Lauren Hutton, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jennifer Hudson, Vogue (internationally), W Magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire, Nylon, InStyle, L’Officiel, Tatler Russia, Self, teen Vogue, Seventeen, More, Jalouse, Gotham and Galore. Selima Hats can be found on the runway, on celebs, and in print from collaborations with stylists Anda & Masha, designers Alice + Olivia, Catherine Malandrino, Simon Spurr, and Tiffany Koury, and photographers Sante D’Orazio, Antoine Verglas, and Dusan Rejlin.

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