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Shiseido Launches Spring 2013 Collection

February 5, 2013

Looking to add a few new items to your makeup bag? Well, Shiseido has quit a line up of Spring 2013 suncare, skincare and makeup products launching this February and March. Here’s what’s hitting shelves:

·         Bio-Performance Super Eye Corrective Eye Cream($60) – Inspired by the plumping-from-within effect of hyaluronic acid injections in the skin, the formula in this new eye cream builds elasticity in all three layers of skin to lift, diminish wrinkles, and reduce dark circles with noticeable results in just one day.

·         Perfect Hydrating BB Cream($33) – Multifunctional with an advanced antioxidant formulation to provide the most effective and luxurious coverage available in one easy step.

·         Perfect Rouge($25) – 11 NEW shades and 9 re-formulated best-sellers of this luxurious creamy formula, now includes Hyaluronic Acid to provide long-lasting moisture and are beautifully packaged to represent the brand’s Japanese heritage.

·         Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer($25) – 6 NEW shades provide a gentle wash of color in one coat with the words “Tokyo Ginza” in an embossed band around the bottom of the lipstick.

·         Lacquer Rouge($25) – 4 NEW shades join the unique liquid lip colors launched in Fall 2012, inspired by 9,000 year-old lacquer artistry with deep pigments a wet-look finish.

·         Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio($33) – 2 NEW shade palettes that were inspired by beach grass near an old island fort in South Carolina and sand dunes in the setting sun.

·         Luminizing Satin Face Color($30) – 2 NEW shades that deliver radiant, healthy-looking skin, from naturally fresh and sun-kissed to illuminated with delicate radiance.

·         Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector SPF43 ($30)Launching in March! A sheer, oil-free, tinted formula that combines anti-oxidative and moisturizing effects to defend skin against UV rays and environmental aggressors while providing flawless coverage.

·         White Lucent Power Brightening Mask ($68 for 6 masks)Launching in March! A mask that works in two steps by powerfully embedding Shiseido’s exclusive brightening ingredient and removing excess pigment for immediate brightening results.


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