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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

February 7, 2013

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s typically women who want gifts of sentimental, mushy value – with men its just a tad different. Of course, they want gifts that show they are the apple of your eye, but they like to be shown with something that has cool factor. For instance, the tech geek would appreciate a gadget, while the sneaker lover may just want a pair of colorful kicks. Getting something that’s practical for him to use such as cologne, grooming products is never a bad idea either. If you’re still a tad clueless about what to get your prince charming, here are a few ideas.

Valentines Day image 1


VDay Gifts for Men SP

(1. Gloves by Gant, 2. iPad cover by Brenthaven, 3. Bow tie by Perry Ellis, 4.  Shorts by Venroy, 5. 12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal @, 6. Creme de Corps Collection from Kiehl’s, 7. 212 Carolina Herrera Sexy For Men, 8. Tee from, 9. Culinary QOOQ tablet, 10. Converse

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