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Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Tori Nichel Takes Fashionistas To Candyland With Her New Collection

April 3, 2013

One of the main items of clothing every woman looks forward to donning during the Spring season are dresses! Whether its for a dinner, a Sunday brunch, a Date night or a warm day in the sun – dresses can fit just about every mood and occasion. So, if you happen to be in the market for a few dresses to rev up your look this season, look no further than the fun, flirty frocks of Tori Nichel. You may have spotted her this season as one of the contestants of NBC’s Fashion Star Season 2! Though we’ve spotted her prime time on the big tube, the designer has already been making a name for herself in the fashion business for more than a decade. She began her career designing for Dana Buchman and from there honed her skills for many others such as Kenneth Cole and as Head Designer at Tibi. Now, style mavens, socialites and supermodels such as Liya Kibede have been spotted wearing her designs.

Forbes online has deemed her as “One To Watch, and Elle magazine has praised her for exquisite tailoring…and Style Pooh-Bahs is praising her designs for being all around fabulous!!  For Spring 2013, she shared with me the scoop on her new Candyland collection, which is full of tasty delights minus the bad style calories.

Naima: I love the concept of your Spring 2013 collection Candyland. What inspired you to create a dress-only collection?

Tori Nichel: When I decided to re-launch my collection I wanted to re-enter the market with a very succinct point of view.  When I analyzed my design career, customers always shared with me their favorite dress I designed, whether it was a Tori Nichel dress, a Tibi dress and/or an Attention dress, I was always behind the design of the dress. So there was my “Ah-ha” moment.  Dresses it is!  I thought if my dresses have been the most memorable to my customers thus far why not give them more of what they want and crave!  I will become the “go to” designer for flirty, sexy & fun dresses.

Naima: A gorgeous-flattering dress is what every woman needs and wants when the temps warm up. What are some of the most versatile, must-have dresses from the Candyland collection?

Tori Nichel: I believe all my dresses are quite versatile.  They are flirty & sexy, and uber chic.  But if I can only pick 3 must-have dresses from my Summer 2013 Candyland collection, they are “The Chrissy” transparent doll dress, “The Kitty” asymmetrical ruffle mini  and “The Rachel” one shoulder placed zebra dress.  (All pictured below)

Naima: The birds in your logo symbolize the idea that everyone has power to fly where their dreams and goals lead them – so, what is your dream for the Tori Nichel brand?

Tori Nichel: My dream for the Tori Nichel brand is that it becomes a global lifestyle brand.

tncandyland dressesPhoto: Tori Nichel models fab dresses from her Candyland Collection!


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