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Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Lloyd Boston Talks About His Latest Exciting Project YearInABrand

April 4, 2013

Have you ever stopped to wonder about what goes on behind the scenes of some of your favorite fashion brands? Maybe you’ve really been wanting to know how a garment within a particular brand collection got a quirky name, or how a particular collaboration in the latest collection came to be, or what the heck goes on internally in the brands corporate offices everyday. Well, wonder no more! Recently, leading television style expert Lloyd Boston let his own questioning about the latest happenings of fashion brands lead him to his latest project, YearInABrand. As a notable Style Pooh-bah himself, Lloyd shares with me in today’s post the scoop on his interest in expanding his scope and perception on the new world of branding in the ever-changing business of fashion. 


Naima: As an exceptional well-known style expert brand, who’s not only created an established brand name for himself who had previously held down the ranks successfully as VP of Art Direction for Tommy Hilfiger – it’s suffice to say that concept of branding messages has been a major part of your career. I love the concept of your project! What drove you to launch YearInABrand?

Lloyd Boston: I thought it would be an interesting experiment to follow the progress of one single brand over the course of a calendar year.  How they strategize to brand themselves.  How they face the ups and downs of modern marketing practices.  And if the market takes to them as they hope.  I feel that people interested in the inside of branding a business never really get a chance to see the “backstage” of a brand.  Thus, my

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 9.21.01 AM

Naima: Through this project, do you anticipate that consumers will connect with a brand more?

Lloyd Boston: I’d hope so.  I think of it like a reality show/docu-blog, so just like any good series on TV—you can’t help but become attached to the players.  I chose to follow the MOODS OF NORWAY brand because the three co-founders/designers are very interesting personalities, and are really looking to make a huge splash here in America.  This is perfect subject matter to document via the site, and all the YEAR IN A BRAND social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it).

Naima: What are some of the most interesting findings that you’ve come across on your first project?

Lloyd Boston: I’m only about 60+ days in, so it is still new.  The most interesting part so far is watching this particular brand, MOODS OF NORWAY, try to translate their particular Norwegian look and feel to a crowded highway of American clothing labels.  Personally, I love the collection and look of the brand.  Most men need a moment to absorb the bold colors, patterns, and prints that thread through most of the line.  So observing the brand’s key players attempt to fuse two different cultures is fascinating.

Naima: Often times people resonate with a designer who reflects their own personal style. How has that concept of branding revealed itself during your research?

Lloyd Boston: I have found that MOODS is a lifestyle brand in that very way.  The MOODS customer likes to be noticed, loves to make an entrance, and relishes in unique clothing details that the next person in the room won’t have.  I have found that the designers live a fast-paced, rock star kind of life, and shoppers who aspire to that—while looking totally unique—are really fans of the brand (as if it were a music group).  It’s riotous to watch.

Naima: For aspiring and beginning level designers, what are some key things they should keep in mind during these early stages?

Lloyd Boston: There are three important rules to starting your own line.  One:  You can’t do it part-time.  You have to live it.  Two:  The runway presentation is the final piece of the puzzle, and some brands are hugely successful—without ever staging a catwalk presentation—so don’t get caught up in the fame.  Three:  Learn the business side of fashion, before attempting the creative (or find a business partner who really has a passion for it).  Just like any other product-driven business, the numbers are the true foundation of a successful collection, not just pretty clothes.

Thanks Lloyd!

**Style Pooh-Bahs honorable mention: Lloyd Boston is not only America’s Favorite Style guy, but, one of my personal professional favorites. Formerly, I’ve had the honor of working as his right hand during my career and much of what I have learned professionally came from the many great experiences while working for him.**

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  1. ayannakmatlock permalink
    April 4, 2013 9:46 am

    Love this interview!!!!

    ☀wishing you a spectacular 2013! iCloud delivery

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