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Style Pooh-Bahs Q&A: Project Runway Season 10 Winner Dmitry Sholokhov Dishes On His Latest Collection

April 7, 2013

Dmitry Headshot

Every season, fashion fans everywhere tune in to watch Project Runway, as frantically fabulous designers compete for the winning title. But how many times have you wondered what the champion designer is up to well – after knocking out all of their competition as the winner? Well, Season 10 winner Dmitry Sholokovh has been up to some pretty darn good things – including a full collection launch.

Naima Turner: What has been your best experience so far as renowned fashion designer since winning the Project Runway Season 10 title?

Dmitry Sholokhov: The whole experience has been amazing. The response from my fans is unexpectedly enormous. This is a dream come true experience for me. Although I do realize that it is just the beginning.

Naima Turner: How do you want women to feel when wearing your designs?

Dmitry Sholokhov: Confident. Happy. Free. Elegant. Chic. Staying true to herself.


Naima Turner: Tell me about your collection and what 3 must-have picks women must have? 

Dmitry Sholokhov: The collection is very architectural. Clean lines, easy to wear designs. Pieces that can be dressed up, dressed down and can be made very personal.  Must-have is a cocktail dress, black pants, pencil skirt. Ageless must-have trio.

Naima Turner: Words of advice for aspiring designers on their hustle and grind to become a well-known brand:

Dmitry Sholokhov: Make it work. Stay true to yourself. Be consistent. Never stop believing. Go after your dream no matter what.

Naima Turner: Trends vs. classics? Why?

Dmitry Sholokhov: Classics. Nowadays, trends change every minute. Dmitry’s woman creates the trend, she never follows.

Naima Turner: Now that your dream has come true, what can we expect from your brand as a designer?

Dmitry Sholokhov: My brand will keep expanding. Sky is the limit.

Naima Turner: What is the one thing every woman must add to her look every day?

Dmitry Sholokhov: Smile. Adding that confident look that makes heads turn is also a must-have for Dmitry’s woman.

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