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Get Skin Silky And Summer Ready With These 3 Tips

May 28, 2013

Although the sun is playing peek-a-boo and the weather has yet to convince us that summer is around the corner – hot days are indeed ahead. But, while the temperature remains cool for just a bit longer, there is still time to get your skin summer ready for that fabulous glow. So, if you’re in skin pamper and prep mode, try a few of these tips by Lexie Masterson, Founder and Principal Owner of Clairvoyant Beauty LLC.

Naima Turner: What are three must-have products you suggest that a woman try from the clairvoyant beauty line to transition her skin from the cooler months into the summer?

Lexie Masterson: Blue Green Algae Body Polish, AHA Duo, Nourishing Shea Butter Cream.

Clairvoyantsummer skin_sp

Naima Turner: How can a woman keep her skin smooth and radiant this summer with your skin care line up?

Lexie Masterson: Exfoliation and moisturization are the keys. You have to get rid of the dead skin cells to prep your skin so that moisturizers and other skin products can really sink in to your skin for maximum benefits. Smooth skin is exfoliated skin.

Naima Turner: For women who don’t use natural or organic products on their skin, what insight can you offer on the benefits of the ingredients used in Clairvoyant beauty?

Lexie Masterson: Our ingredients are the purest botanicals, naturally and responsibly sourced, which sink into the skin easily making them extremely effective.


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  1. ayanna permalink
    May 28, 2013 3:55 pm

    i love it!

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