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Wedding Makeup Tips By Expert Marni Burton

June 4, 2013

In addition to the dress, a flawless face for your big day is among the many ways you will be making a memorable impression. Forget about wearing the basic makeup look you wear everyday. Pull out all the stops for a polished look regardless of your wedding scenario. But, before planning your perfect face look, you should know what to avoid. Of course anything doesn’t go! I’ve gotten a rundown of what you should not do from Marni Burton, a professional makeup artist.

3 Absolute Wedding Makeup Don’ts

  • Don’t use blotting papers they can make bridal makeup uneven. Stick to powder puff or a fluffy makeup brush to life away excess oil.
  • Don’t forget about lip liner. Pictures are all about your smile. Make sure to line your top lip with your exact match of a natural colored liner.
  • Don’t skip the lash curler. Remember to re-curl your lashes right after mascara is applied to ensure you’ll be bright eyed for photos. Also is great to use eye drops too so the whites of your eyes are extra white.

Now that you know what to avoid, check out a few of Marni’s tips on how to achieve a seamless makeup look for three popular wedding concepts:

Light Classic Look For A Beach Wedding: Try Kerry Washington’ s Look


  • To achieve glowing skin, when finished with your face makeup Sweep an compact-powder not loose so you have more control, illuminator over the apples of your cheeks and down the bridge of your nose.
  • Line your upper lash line and water line with an onyx or coal liner so it’s more natural than black and not too overwhelming.
  • Make sure to fill in brows where needed.
  • Match the blush used on the apples of your cheeks closely to your lipstick to pull the whole look together.

Subtle Dramatic Look For An Evening Wedding: Try Eva Longoria’s Look


  • Tan skin light lips batty eye lashes.
  • Spray tan (stay away from mystic tan which will leave your orange instead splurge on a brand such as Rodial which will leave you bronze). You need even bronze coverage from head to toe.
  • Use a lash-strip for your upper lashes then drop individual lashes on top of he strip to create a fluffy look.
  • Fill in the entirety of your lip with a natural lip liner and then apply a light pink gloss that is also a lip plumper.

Going Glam For An Afternoon Wedding: Try Emma Stone’s Look


  • Place a taupe or tan eye shadow over lid.
  • With a heavier hand apply a vanilla colored matte eye shadow to highlight from crease into brow-bone.
  • Carefully fill in brows.
  • Use a gel eyeliner, in black, to create intense depth in the upper lash-line.
  • Chose a vibrant lipstick shade that is one toned.
  • On cheeks use a pinch of a blush that is a lighter shade of the color you chose for you lips (example hot pink lips… Light pink blush)
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