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SP Q&A: 6 Wedding Tips From Luxury Jewelry Brand Phillips House

June 7, 2013

Shopping for the quintessential wedding jewelry can become frustrating for the bride. Various necklines call for a specific type of earring or necklace and one false move of choice, can mean a look that’s sub par. I hate to put it so bluntly, but making the wrong move with jewelry on any normal day is the same theory. In preparation for your wedding day, knowing what will work and what won’t go over to well is vital. So for tips on where to start with planning your Bridal jewelry, I’ve turned to co-designers Lisa Phillips Frankel and Danielle Frankel of Phillips House.  Here are their 6 tips for the bride that members of the bridal party may also find useful.

Naima Turner: What is your rule of thumb for a bride-to-be who is shopping for the perfect jewelry to accent her wedding gown?

Phillips House: Now is a great time to start collecting jewelry and building memories. So fall in love with jewelry that can help shape the story of the rest of your lives together.

Naima Turner: Among your gorgeous collection of jewels, what are some of your favorite classic pieces that can work well with a vintage inspired wedding gown?

Phillips House: Our Elements collection with grey agate would definitely work well with a vintage inspired wedding gown. One of our favorite pieces from this collection is the double drop ring.


Naima Turner: For the bride who is going for a halter or asymmetrical shoulder wedding gowns, what are some of the classic earring styles you would suggest from your collection?

Phillips House: Our Infinity leverback earrings are extremely versatile and would look beautiful with any style wedding dress.

 Infinity Leverback

Naima Turner: Although the bride-to-be will be getting the ring of her dreams on her big day – what are your thoughts on wearing a cocktail ring on the opposite hand?  Is it a yay or nay?

Phillips House: Wearing a cocktail ring is definitely a yay. It is nice to start collecting jewelry, especially pieces that will be connected to such great memories.

Naima Turner: What is the perfect bracelet from Phillips House that should be worn on the wrist of the bride-to-be on her big day?

Phillips House: The Phillips House Love Always bracelet engraved inside with a special message from her groom is the perfect bracelet for any bride-to-be.

 Love Always

Naima Turner: If the bride-to-be wanted to gift her bridal party with one piece from your collection – what should that one gift be?

Phillips House: The diamond logo would be a great gift for the bridal party. Not only because of the beautiful design of the piece, but also the message behind it: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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