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The Fate Of The Traits: Happy Birthday Month Fellow Fab Crabs!

June 22, 2013


The time has come that I’ve waited all year for – birthday season! Now, I know I can’t be the only one who either starts celebrating the day before the real day, extending the festivities at least two days past the date. Party animal? Not quite.  But, I do love to have fun and a good time. Besides, what’s wrong with celebrating your life? Every year that we are blessed to be alive is a chance to honor our life and access goals or reset our life compass if off track.  For me, celebration and reflection is what I’m all about.

In terms of fun, zodiac sign breakdowns are often amusing to me. They are sort of spot on, yet in others, way off as happens with many generalizations. So in lighthearted humor, I figured I would share what is true for me and what’s not, especially because I really don’t share a lot about myself personally on But hey, now is your chance for a little info…and yes, I’ll even give a bit of scoop about my own not so great traits. Geesh.

The Rumored Cancerian Style Traits 

What’s Been Said: Cancerian woman love buying vintage clothing because of the story and history attached.

Is It True For Me: I have never gone vintage clothing shopping for myself..I’m more of  modern, eclectic style gal.

What’s Been Said: Cancerian women love clothing made of soft details with feminine touches.

Is It True For Me: I prefer feminine with edge, nothing too soft with ruffles or frill.

What’s been said: Cancers love pearls and silver, which is their respective moonstone and metal.

Is It True for Me: I do wear silver more than gold. Who knows, maybe I’ll do pearls when I’m a Mom or Grandmom, but not now.

The Rumored Cancerian Traits 

What’s Been Said: Cancers are extremely loyal and nurturing.

Is It True For Me: Absolutely. I stop at nothing to have a  family member or friend’s back. I do like to surprise my peeps or do nice things for them when I can. I’m always a listening ear and a voice of reason even if the reasoning is planning to get even with whomever slighted the person dear to me. Hey now, I have their back.

What’s Been Said: Cancers cry easily.

Is It True For Me: Umm…nope. I am sentimental and have a heart, though it’s not on my shoulder.

What’s Been Said:  Cancers are clingy.

Is it True For Me: Heck no, I love and MUST have the time and space to myself, like a lot of it – seriously.

What’s Been Said: Cancers are moody.

Is It True For Me: This I am guilty of and must admit that everything I do is based on a mood. Whatever I eat, how I dress, what I do and where I go is based on the mood of that day – and it can change at any given second without warning. But, isn’t that a universal thing? Everyone has moods and makes decisions based on that mood.

What’s Been Said: Cancers are suspicious, protective and private.

Is It True For Me: Let me explain. I am guarded until I have a gut feeling that I no longer have to be, which is usually a result of what a person has or has not shown me about their character towards me or others. When it comes to sharing information about myself, I am definitely private. But, who knows maybe one day I will share more about my private and personal life on here. ..or not.

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