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SP Q&A: Andre Walker Talks Essential Hair Tips And Gives Scoop On His Latest Product Line

July 23, 2013

This past week, the horrid heat and humidity proved to be a challenge for women on the East Coast, causing bad hair days for many regardless of their hair type. But, just like any other humid or rainy season, several find themselves searching endlessly for products that are ideal for solving their hair woes, needs and wants. Needless to say – when the search presents favorable results, we rejoice!

Just recently, celebrity hairstylist, Andre Walker, has extended his signature hair care brand, Andre Walker Hair to include a new product line, called The Gold System – adding new and innovative ingredients to our hair care routines.


The author and seven Daytime Emmy award-winning hair expert, is the personal hair stylist of Oprah Winfrey, and the creator of Halle Berry’s signature short pixie cut.  As a hairstylist who creates fabulous hairdo of such notables, Andre Walker proves that caring for hair is the starting point for any perfectly primped hairstyle. Read on, as Andre walker shares insight about his new product line and tips on finding a signature style for you.

Naima Turner: When it comes to women and hair textures, there are those like me, who relax their hair and those whom prefer to wear their hair in its natural texture. Among both hair types, healthy hair is the objective, but shopping for hair products can be confusing given the product ingredient jargon and terms used on packaging. To that point, what are the benefits to using products with Keratin and those that are Phytocelltec and Sulfate Free?

Andre Walker: We all want our hair to be strong and healthy, to grow quickly, and to look good. You are asking about three things that can help in these areas. First, Keratin is the protein that hair is made of. So when you use products that include Keratin, like my TKO (Total Keratin Obsession) Conditioner, you are fortifying your hair, making it stronger and healthier. My Phytocelltec Shampoo and Conditioner (products from my original line, which are still available) promote hair growth, using scientific technology that stimulates the cells in your hair follicles. The benefit of my Sulfate-free Ultimate Moisture Shampoo, which is Step One of my new Gold System for kinky, curly, and coarse dry hair, is that shampooing without sulfates gives you a more gentle cleansing. Hair that is dry and coarse benefits greatly from the luxurious oils I put in this formula. For example, I use Natural African Mongongo Oil in The Gold System. So the sulfates are out, and rich moisturizing oils are in, and it is just fabulous!

Naima Turner: Love it! Whether it’s fog from rain or the humidity from the heat, the weather does a number on my hair from April through the summer. What products in your line help to combat hair frizz once and for all, and how?

Andre Walker: Oh yes, Summer humidity is something we all battle. If you are a natural kinky or curly girl, my Beautiful Kinks Creme Gelee is perfect for frizz control and hold. If you blow your hair straight, or use heat, then my Get It Straight Styling Creme offers both heat protection and frizz control. And Q-Oil (from the original collection) is great for quick frizz control too.

AWH The Gold System

Naima Turner: As someone who is the go-to expert for fabulous, signature hair care and styles, what have you found to be the most effective steps to achieving strong, healthy beautiful hair? Does it stem from lifestyle, diet, or simply the type of products that are used? Please help us everyday women out with your fabulous insight. 

Andre Walker: The way to healthy hair is gentle treatment. Using heat on the hair is probably the most harsh treatment. Of course some styles need heat, but try to avoid it whenever possible, especially on hair that isn’t clean.  And speaking of clean hair, it is very important that you wash regularly, and often. Some people think that dry, coarse hair means don’t wash! The opposite is true. This hair type needs lots of moisture, and water is moisture. My Ultimate Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo is gentle, sulfate-free, and full of oils, so washing with it is going to make your hair healthier. The other important element for healthy hair is conditioning often. You know I love TKO Conditioner because the Keratin in it builds strong hair. There is no big secret to healthy hair. It just takes consistent, gentle care with products that feed strength and moisture, and less heat. Find an everyday style that allows you to look and feel good without harsh treatment. If you use chemicals like color or relaxers, use the most gentle formulas available. “Make Peace With Your Hair” is my motto. Be good to your hair, and it will be good to you!

Naima Turner: Like fashion trends, many women are often tempted to try the latest of-the-moment hairstyle without hesitation. But like clothing, there’s no such thing as one hairstyle fits all.  So what is your rule of thumb for women looking to find their own signature hairstyle that fits them perfectly?

Andre Walker: I recommend working with a stylist you respect to find the right style for your face shape, hair type, height, etc. A lot of factors go into the perfect style for you. It is good to stay current, but there are some styles that are current “classics,” and others that are current “fads.” I say avoid the fads unless it is easy to change when the fad goes away. You will know you have hit on a great style for you when the compliments start coming your way!

Naima Turner:  How should women who want to try your new product line go about finding you? In addition to the Andre Walker Hair website, will the line be available in any beauty stores nationwide? 

Andre Walker: Right now my new Gold System is being sold on my site at It is the best product line available for kinky, curly, dry, coarse hair types, whether you go Natural or Straight. My Original Line, such as Phytocelltec and Q-Oil, are available there too, and at and

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 31, 2013 2:02 pm

    Just as soon as that darn ‘pay checque’ eagle takes flight, I’m going to hook myself up with the entire line of Mr. Walker’s hair care line!

  2. Naima Turner permalink*
    July 31, 2013 6:34 pm

    Ha! I hear you Debra:-) The line is actually one that I can personally recommend, as I have tried it and I love the results. Thank you for reading!

    Be Well,
    Naima Turner

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