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Who’s Game? New Social App Launches To Test Your ‘Fashion Eye’

August 14, 2013

Be careful fashionista, there is a new fashion app to get hooked on!  Just yesterday, a new fashion game app, Fashion Eye was launched by an amazing team at Fashioholic, and trust me it is addictive.

The new mobile game offers fashion lovers an interactive experience to discover fashion and prove they have an eye for fashion while playing with friends.  Players have the chance to win online gift cards from leading brands and retailers to shop for their favorite items they added to their “Luv List” during the game.

While playing the game, there are different categories to choose from and through each challenge, players must identify which one is more expensive in the shortest time possible.  The game is based on unique technology developed by Fashioholic that “speaks” the language of fashion. Insights gained during the game are utilized to deliver users personalized styles and merchandise that fit their taste.  Those tempted to test their skills can download the app for free!  The game is available for free on all iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

10. Icon+black logo

10. Tops Style Countdown

19. Romantic Style Sample6. Round Results15. StyleSparkler Badge Unlocked

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