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Fashion Week Prep: A Day In The Life Of A ModelAgent

September 4, 2013

In just one day, the Fashion and Beauty industries will come together to make magic on the runways for what is known as
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. But, runway presentations just aren’t possible without the stellar appearance of models. They run from show to show, change from look to look and play an essential part of the fashion shenanigans the entire week. While the models maintain their professionalism with perfection, onlookers should know this doesn’t all happen without the management of an agent. So, I reached out to
a cohort and friend, D. C. of New YorkModel Management to give you an idea of what a day in the life of a model agent looks like leading up to fashion week.


Style Pooh-Bahs: As a model agent, you have what seems to be one of the most interesting positions within the fashion industry – not to mention, one of the
most demanding. But what does the day and a life of D.C. look like?

D.C.: Being a model agent never entered my mind when I was younger. I am very happy that I have been with New York Model Management now for almost 12 years – and I love what I do. People always say, “Wow that sounds like such a cool
job!!!”. Yes it is a fun, cool job with fun, cool people – however it can be stressful and frustrating, as with any other job. What I love are the different people I meet, the personalities (that can make for interesting days sometimes) from different places. Not to mention, I don’t have to wear a suit and heels and
sit in a cubicle!! Another bonus, I love my fellow directors! My work ethic is sort of old school, I love to be productive and get the job done.

Style Pooh-Bahs: As we gear up for Fashion Week, what’s the flow of the day when managing your models for the designer runways?

D.C.: I am the director of our NYM2 division. Our models are great and there is not a day that goes by where at least one client comments
on how personable, polite (and of course pretty) our girls are and that makes me proud of what we built here. In my division, we concentrate on working with designers throughout the year on production and development fittings. During Fashion Week, all of the models are in town and the agency is busy and alive with
clients, show packages and agents visiting from out of town. Believe it or not, during that time our agency is full of SNACKS!!! So many snacks!!! I feel like every other post on @newyorkmodels2women (on instagram) is thanking a model for some treats they brought in for us. We have a
great group of girls!!

5:00am: I do my BEST to TRY and get up to workout…usually never works, too early, so I fall back to sleep.

5:30am: I am awakened not by my alarm, but instead, by Charlie’s face. Charlie is my cat not my man unfortunately lol. He is a big, clutzy cat that is
relentless in getting me out of bed to feed him. He is too much. I get my breakfast and coffee, usually a Shakeology shake on the train. but I do have my morning where I just NEED an everything bagel.


6:50am: OFF TO THE METRONORTH STATION. WHOOHOO!!!! Only a 5 minute drive from my house. After living in NYC my whole life, I moved to CT and I commute what seems like 6 hours each way to New York City. It is really only 1hour and 15 minutes but with my experiences on the train it seems
longer. And every morning, I always make time to stop at the beach to take it all in for a few moments. During the Fall and Winter, the sunrise is the most beautiful thing to see. My fellow commuter are annoying with loud conversations on the quiet ride train. Do
you not see all of us nodding off or trying to read books? By now the entire train knows what this woman did the night before and wow….


8:25am: My day has started as soon as I walked in the office. Sometimes there is an outburst when I walk in, sometimes it is just nice and quiet.
Depends on what has conspired before I arrive. I sign on to our model charts and check my emails. Hoping no one is late for their bookings – then the phone rings. Someone is not at their booking, eh it happens. I call the model and she is in a cab stuck in traffic. OK, there is the problem right there, I hate hearing that and I have made it known to all of the girls that taking a cab is probably not the best idea unless absolutely necessary. This in NYC there is always traffic!!!
Although, there are sometimes subway issues but that really is the best bet. Just give yourself time to get there geez!!! Now, I have to call the client back and let them know she will be there in 5 minutes, apologize, crisis averted. I do love all of my clients I have to say, good relationships. Back to my coffee and moving on to the next thing…


12noon: By now I have finished with the morning and have had a short fashion week meeting and a few appointments with models that would like to join the agency. There have not been many lately, but a few we have met, proved to fit in very well with our board.  Happy Models = Happy Bookers. Is that right? We then will sit with the new girls and go over their books and let them know what we will take out and keep and make sure they don’t have anything else to show us.


1pm: We now start asking each other what is for lunch. I usually bring my lunch, but there are days when I want something GOOD. Lunch is such an ordeal
here! One of my co workers can NEVER decide what to have for lunch and will end up eating at 3 or 4pm when we are all stuffed and can’t think about food. Sometimes our models visit with snacks!!!! I really wish they would just bring fruit or healthier stuff because once I start with a cookie there are 10 more. We have great girls though and it is all with good intention, and we do still love it all. One of our models, started a new business called KakedNYC, that makes delicious gluten free baked goods. The raspberry frosted mini cupcakes are my favorite!


2:30pm: Busy day….Lots of emails to still answer and castings to get on the girls charts for the next day. We are working primarily on Fashion Week presentations and shows for some of the newest designers, who will be the new big designers in a few seasons. I’m happy to get some of the new faces and some of the new girls from our board experience in doing these shows etc. Oh no, here we go, is someone late….?

3pm: Models come in for digitals. I love taking digitals. I always let the models know if they have not done this with me yet that I take A LOT, because we like to have lots to choose from for different things and I am picky. The model is usually pretty happy about that because they know they will get great pictures. Oh, an appointment showed up late….well, I have some time so I will meet with her. I will however remind her not to be late for things in the future, this is not the kind of business that takes that kindly. Really, what business does? So, I try to explain to the models that this is their business, as well. Each day is a learning experience for all.


4pm: All the castings are now in the girls charts and we are making sure everyone is set for the next day. Fashion Week is notorious for last minute everything, so
I like that we can have a few minutes just to catch up.


6pm: Still at the office, starting to get dark earlier now, not sure how I feel about that. I love the Fall, but don’t really like that the days are starting to get shorter. Thinking about dinner now. Just got a last minute casting for tomorrow, ahhh fashion week. We have quite a few things going on, including some stylists and
photographers who are in town and looking for models to test for their books. Good for the girls and most of the time we get great new stuff for their books, but sometimes, not so much. We try. Oh well, I’ll try waiting for a few answers to questions about confirmations. Good time to organize some paperwork and tidy up.

7pm: Sometimes my co-workers and I will stop at our favorite place, Puck Fair, for dinner and happy hour. The food is so great there! We talk about work
and funny stuff that may have happened during the day. I work with some clowns. We share stories about the things that can happen when you deal with so many different people from so many different walks of life. Nothing surprises us anymore. Well, there is always that ONE thing that will shock us!

Puck Fair

8:35pm: Train home….oh boy. Looking forward to getting home and opening the door to Daisy and Charlie, always feels good to come home to those two
faces. BUT I have to deal with the commute first. What am I in store for this time?

10:30pm: HOME!!!! Time to relax for a half hour and then to bed so I can wake up and do it all again. It is worth it all to come home to the beach though, even when it is cold I go down there and hangout.

Both cats

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