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Style Pooh-Bahs Designer Highlight: Pearl Ng of Pearly Collection

September 4, 2013

Every season, fashionistas are introduced to several new trends worth sprinkling within their wardrobes. But, although many may only opt for pieces that are trendy, there is something to be said for those whom crave new, timeless pieces that uniquely elevate their own personal style. Without question, whether a woman prefers trends or classics – a simple, beautiful piece of jewelry, can add a distinctive touch to a look. Self-proclaimed ‘hippie at heart/geologist wannabe’ jewelry designer Pearl Ng, has created the Pearly collection, with the customer in mind who loves pieces that are both fashionable and timeless. Her limited-editon pieces are made with a vintage feel and modern flair.



Style Pooh-Bahs: When did you first discover your love for jewelry?

Pearl Ng: As a child I was absolutely in awe when my mother opened her jewelry box and showed me each piece. They were pure treasures of sparkles and beauty. She would even let me wear a piece or two to a friend’s birthday party, and it blew my mind that I was allowed to wear such precious things. I still borrow some of her pieces today.

Style Pooh-Bahs: How would you describe the quintessential Pearly woman or man?

Pearl Ng: Pearly women and men are cosmopolitan, fashionable and confident. They are passionate, appreciate quality, and go after what they want in life. There’s a certain boldness and intellectualism to my clients — they are free spirits also and don’t take themselves too seriously. They have a deep appreciation for the classics, but they dress to show off their personalities, whimsy and ingenuity. Pearly pieces are that added special twist that pulls their style together and makes them shine.

Style Pooh-Bahs: As a jewelry designer of precious gem and metal vintage inspired pieces, what sources do you most find inspiration from when creating a collection?

Pearl Ng: I find inspiration everywhere, often from vintage fashion, films and art. Traveling from London to New York to Hong Kong, I’m always looking. Next month I’m even going to North Korea just to see what’s out there. I am very intrigued by gemstones. They have this amazing connection with people that’s almost primal. When I’m working with different gemstones, the natural quality demands to be showcased and designing just comes naturally.

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