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Poshmark Turns Users Into Closetpreneurs

October 18, 2013

Before you toss your former favorite items off into a pile never to be found again in your closet – wait! Don’t even consider the consignment shop. Simply pick up your phone!  From your finger tips, the Poshmark mobile app, makes it easy for you to make cash by selling your threads. Will anyone want your goods? It’s highly likely a style conscious community member will figure out how to flip your old threads into something ‘new’ for their closet. Just this year, plenty of excitement has been generated and over one million items have been sold and the number of women flocking to the site is not letting up. 

Poshmark’s mission is to open every woman’s closet for sale from their phone allowing them to be a personal boutique. To promote such an effort, this weekend their first fashion festival, PoshFest kicks off in Las Vegas.  The  festival will feature workshops and panels for empowering Poshmark users. Such entrepreneur focused topics will include, “Jump start Your Style,” ”Marketing Yourself in the Virtual World” and “How to Start a Business on Poshmark,”

I bet you’re looking at your clothes differently now, aren’t you? I think I am…



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