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Faux Real, Imposter 4 Animals Is Absolutely Fabulous

October 30, 2013

Oh, the allure of fur! For Fall, just about any and everything was made of fur from accessories to outerwear. But, there are those who might argue that harming an animal for the sake of fashion is extreme and harsh and urge fashionistas to consider faux fur.  Don’t think for once that you can’t look just as fierce while serving up faux fur, as you would while wearing the real thing. You simply have to know where to go and what to look for when it comes to owning an amazing faux fur item. One brand in particular is IMPOSTER 4 Animals.  The collection is endorsed by the Humane Society and consists of fabulous scarves, hats, ear muffs and vests in grey chinchilla, coyote, black, plum, and peacock. Founder and CEO Jaclyn Sharp, has a few tips on how to make your look remarkable this season in an IMPOSTER 4 Animals design.

Naima Turner: Is there a way to keep faux fur looking well maintained after a few wears? After getting caught in the rain or snow, how can someone go about keeping their faux fur looking great?

Jaclyn Sharp: The best way to keep faux fur looking new is a wire cat brush! They work well to keep the faux fur fluffy, soft, & looking a little less wild even after getting caught in the rain. However, if you have a cat who likes to be brushed, they may get in your way!  

Naima Turner: Fashionistas were oogling all over furs presented on the Fall 2013 designer runways. Within the Imposter 4 Animals collection, what items do you have that will allow women to get a similar look? 

Jaclyn Sharp: IMPOSTER 4 Animals has an amazing collection this fall with many options for getting the look of fur without harming animals. Hollywood’s trendy requests have been for the vests, boleros, chubby and shrugs this season.


Naima Turner: Undoubtedly is the cost of fur too expensive for many women’s budgets, so, is the cost of Imposter 4 Animals budget-friendly? 

Jaclyn Sharp: IMPOSTER faux fur is an excellent quality but very reasonable when compared to real chinchilla, sable, or mink.  Our chinchilla vest retails at $375, but a real chinchilla vest could be as much as $8,000 because it takes so pelts to make one garment.   IMPOSTER chinchilla is a great option instead of real fur because Imposter is budget-friendly & animal friendly.

The IMPOSTER 4 Animals collection currently sells at Henri Bendel, Nordstrom’s and other retailers, as well as, Imposter’s website.


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