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Celebs Are Pickin’ The Pixie: PRAVANA Stylist Jamie Muniz Shares Tips On How To Get The Look

November 25, 2013

If you’ve been thinking about chopping your locks, and eyeing the latest pixie cut trend, you aren’t alone. According to new stats released by Yahoo!, searches for the phrase “pixie haircut” are over 500x higher than this time last year. Who would have thought? Well as of late, celebs in Hollywood have been less than hesitant to shorten their tresses. Jennifer Hudson simply wanted a change and liked that this look was “something different and it’s grown and sexy.”, while Jennifer Lawrence opted for a chop because her hair was “fried from being dyed too much.”


Those feeling inspired to try out this latest celebrity trend, but still a bit hesitant to shed your tresses, PRAVANA Stylist Jamie Muniz shares tips to consider before taking the pixie plunge!

(Hair) Damage Control:

Celebrities face the challenge of maintaining healthy locks despite frequent – and oftentimes drastic – hair color changes that can ultimately lead to over-processed hair, such as Jennifer Lawrence.  A pixie is a good way to rid yourself of unhealthy hair for a fresh start.

Things to Consider:

Losing a good amount of length, especially if hair is damaged, can be very liberating but also leave you feeling exposed. Long hair can be a security blanket and veil for some, so short cuts are great for ladies who are comfortable with their features. It’s also perfect for ladies that are constantly on-the-go because it is often easier to style, however short hair does require daily attention, as well.

Speak to your Stylist:

If you’re thinking about making the change, talk to your stylist about variations of shorter styles that will suit your features. A short bob is great on just about any face, and the shorter-through-the-side cuts can really draw up your jaw and cheekbones, as with Jennifer Hudson and Kristin Chenoweth.

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